Magazine Page Layout

July 21, 2015 · Computerized Graphic Design ·  Adobe InDesign ·  Computerized Graphic Design 2, Spring 2015


The objective of this project was to design a table of contents page and two page spread using my own wine label and inspiration from Bon Appetit magazine. I began the project by researching grid layouts and determining the grid that would suit my planned article. A document was created with the grid styles that were chosen for the project and pencil sketches determined placement of text, photos and other elements. Photos were taken of the wine bottle, cheeses and fruits in an outdoor environment to match the wilderness theme of Black Bear. Text was written about the fictitious winery, the people associated with the winery, and tips for a party featuring the wine. The grid on the two-page spread is divided into three columns. The first page has a photo that is 2 columns wide to give weight to the page. The bold large font of the headline and the text box that highlights it give the titles visual weight over other elements in the spread. Asymmetrical balance is achieved on the page through use of the headline and subhead, the photo and the green accent shapes. The spread is also asymmetrically balanced by using grapes and strawberries on the top half of the page and a pale text box at the bottom. This text box also serves as a divider from the rest of the text. The grapes, berries, and repeating green accent shapes allow unity through repetition across the spread.