Motion Graphics- Branding

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Kinetic Type Ad

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Kinetic Type Ad for Cingular Wireless For this project each student was required to develop a kinetic type motion graphics piece using audio that was assigned to them. My audio pice was a commercial for Cingular Wireless. My concept was to use Cingular's logo color, orange, throughout the ad and use simple figures to animate the text.
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Commercial for Eukanuba Dog Food This fun assignment asked students to make a 30-second commercial for a product. I chose Eukanuba dog food and used my dog Shubby as the star of the commercial. Clips were filmed indoors and outdoors and edited using Adobe Premiere software.
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Network Promo

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This assignment was to create a 15 second motion graphics piece to promote the assigned network. My idea was to combine vector drawings in After Effects with original photography to maatch the fun feeling of Nick at Nite. Bright colors, fun music and sound effects were added to enhance the work.
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Design Rules! Kinetic Type

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Kinetic Type assignment Students were each assigned a rule from Timothy Samara's book Design Elements: A Graphic Study and required to present this rule creatively using only type, music, and sound effects.  My rule was #12, Squish and Seperate.
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Students in the Multimedia Graphics 2 class were asked to produce an effective branding video for the Thomas Nelson Community College Visual Arts Department. The class worked as a group to create a concept, develop a shot log and script, shoot and edit video, add motion graphics and text, redesign a logo and present the finished product by the due date. Communication, compromise and time management were important, and individual grading was based on self evaluation, peer evaluation and the finished piece.
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Not Forgotten

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Not Forgotten, 5×5 Video This is a '5x5' video meaning it is five clips of five seconds each. This short video explores our attachment with things that remind us of people we have lost.
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