The assignment for this project was to create a potcard promoting a local venue. Brainstorming was done to determine a location to feature, a shot log was recorded and photographs taken at the venue. Images were then altered to produce a pleasing design. Text was added to complete the piece.
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The idea for this piece was to create a visual representatin of the word 'entanglement.' The concept was to place the subject in a realistic environment with unrealistic forces preventing her from moving forward. Several photographs were taken of the subject in various poses and numerous photos were taken of each of the other elements and the environment. The dress was chosen to give the subject visual hierarchy and contrast against the wooded scene.
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The assignment required students to prepare a composite piece that showed a metamorphosis. The way i chose to portray this was by showing chickens eating GMO corn on the left in a natural setting and a sterile chemical-filled chicken on the right.
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They Dream of Fairies

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  This assignment had students create 3-dimensional space with an emphasis on asymmetrical balance, repetition and rhythm and variety of scale. Photos were taken of people, settings, objects and textures to build a dream-like picture.  
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